Tuensang district Nagaland assembly election 2018

There are six (6) legislative assembly constituency in Tuensang district for the 2018 Nagaland Assembly elections. They are Longkhim Chare, Tuensang Sadar I,Tuensang Sadar II,Noklak, Thonoknyu, Shamator Chessore.

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When Nagaland assembly election 2018 is getting ready to elections new Assembly, Tuensang is not anywhere behind in the election heat. Tuensang district (Pron:/ˌtjuːənˈsæŋ/) is an administrative district in the north east state of Nagaland in India.Its headquarters is Tuensang. Owing to extreme backwardness of this district, there was a special provision for administration of Tuensang in the Indian Constitution. According to the provision, no act passed by the Parliament pertaining to religious and social practices of Nagas, their customary law and procedure or ownership or transfer of land shall have any effect in Tuensang unless it is agreed upon by the Nagaland Legislative Assembly by a resolution.

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Nagaland Election 2018 district wise details

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